Which hotel spa is the best?

Spa World in the Bahamas is considered the best spa in the Caribbean, and it has been in business for over a century.The world famous spa, in the capital Nassau, is renowned for its extensive collection of beauty products, and the Spa World Collection is one of the most sought […]

How to make your spa day even more memorable

Today, you’re probably in the mood for a spa, but where do you start?This week, we’re highlighting six of our favorite spots in NYC to get you back to basics.So, whether you’re a beginner or seasoned spa-goer, there’s something for you here.1.Lumières de la Chine, Paris, France The first Lumière, the […]

Spa bathtub packages for couples and single spa

The spas in the resort of Shangri-La in southern Thailand are set to be transformed into a couples spa.The spa is being constructed by the resort’s owner and a group of Chinese investors.Shangri La has been owned by the government since it was founded in the 1960s and has been […]

Which spa has the best nail salon in Australia?

Here are some of the best spa locations in Australia to visit, as rated by a panel of experts.1.Spas of the Ozarks (Aberdeen, WA) 2.Wollongong, New South Wales 3.Newcastle, NSW 4.Gold Coast, Queensland 5.Adelaide, South Australia 6.Perth, Western Australia 7.Canberra, ACT 8.Canberra-Gillard, Australia 9.Goldfields, New Zealand 10.Bundaberg, Queensland 11.Waverley, Victoria […]

How much do you pay for a swim spa?

There are two ways to get a swim-in spa: you can pay up, or you can borrow it.The first is to have a bank transfer.Alternatively, you can use a credit card to borrow.Both involve an upfront payment of $10,000.The second way is to rent.But what’s the difference?What is a swim […]

How to make spa castle in your garage

Make your own spa castle at home in your backyard, the way your grandfather did.It’s called a “snowball” and is perfect for anyone who wants to create a little something special for themselves.You’ll need some materials: a piece of plywood, some plastic, a little bit of wood, and a little […]

Four Four Two

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