Which spa is best for your escape day?

It’s a hot-button topic.While many people love the feeling of getting out of their comfort zone and exploring a new location, others want to spend a little extra time at home.If you want to escape to a spa, we asked some experts for their advice.Read more:What are the best escape […]

Revive the Med Spa and Harmony Spa in Sojo

Revive Med Spa in Tokyo is taking a different approach to reviving its aging clientele.The spa is now offering a full range of spa treatments and services, including skin rejuvenation treatments.The service is free for anyone.The rejuvenation treatment will last from 10 minutes to one hour, depending on the severity […]

How to get a loan to revive your med spa?

Med Spa, one of Vietnam’s biggest and most famous spa operators, has announced that it is getting into the real estate business.Med Spa, which has its base in central Ho Chi Minh City, is planning to build two new and bigger facilities in Ho Chi Majang.It plans to sell one […]