How to get the most out of a spa in LA

The best spa in the world is right outside of Los Angeles, and it’s a place that is not for the faint of heart.We asked the experts who make up the best spa for you to tell us about their experiences.1.The Goldsville Goldsport Spa, San Jose, California, USAIf you have […]

Revive the Med Spa and Harmony Spa in Sojo

Revive Med Spa in Tokyo is taking a different approach to reviving its aging clientele.The spa is now offering a full range of spa treatments and services, including skin rejuvenation treatments.The service is free for anyone.The rejuvenation treatment will last from 10 minutes to one hour, depending on the severity […]

How to get a ‘buzzy’ massage

A Japanese massage spa has been rated the best foot massage spa in Australia, with a customer review of the spa praising its “buzz” factor.Key points:Owner of Korean spa, Shigetaka, says his “busts” and “spas” are “fascinating”The review from a Korean client was positive, and the spa now has five […]