How the glo music videos have turned the spa into a ‘spa party’ for YouTube – Sportsmag

It was a glo-music video that made the spa music videos into a whole new genre.

It was the second time the former Milan, Juventus and AC Milan player had taken part in such a video.

The first video was uploaded in 2014, featuring a Milan player singing the national anthem.

In that video, the player sang the Marseille Marseille and the anthem of Italy, followed by the words: “I’ll go to the spa tomorrow.”

The other video was taken in January of this year.

This time, the video was performed by Italian football legend Gianluca Vialli, and the song, ‘Pioneer’, by the French pop group L’Echoplex.

The video was accompanied by a montage of Vialli singing the Marseilles Marseille, followed in the background by the lyrics: “Pioneers, I’m going to the Spa tomorrow.”

On Twitter, fans were quick to respond to the video, calling it the best glo song video ever.

One Twitter user, @Terragnini, asked: “Can someone make an Italian version of the ‘Pledge’ Glo music video?

I love the song.”

The next day, in a tweet from @PascalBiccardi, the Twitter user replied: “In Italy, the pledge means: I’ll come for a spa.”

BicCardi’s tweet quickly garnered more than 30,000 likes, and was retweeted more than 4,000 times.

On Monday, the singer released a new video for the song which included some new songs, such as the song ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ by L’Arche and ‘Til I Die’.

The singer added: “The video has a lot of great moments, like the moment when I hit the bar, the moment I walk into the gym, the first kiss on the lips, and a big thank you to the club, AC Milan, the club’s fans and the club itself.”