What’s the real reason that you don’t like your spa pedicures?

By now, most people have heard about the new study by scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research in Germany who have shown that people who don’t get the best skin care experience tend to be more susceptible to the skin diseases that can cause it.

The researchers tested skin care products in 20 different settings, including spa pedics, beauty salons, beauty parlours, beauty clinics, and even a spa in Australia.

The results showed that the people who complained of the least amount of skin care were the most likely to have bad skin conditions.

And in the spa setting, the study found that the worst offenders were the people that were most likely not to get the skin care they needed.

The scientists said: ‘The data suggest that spa pediurs have more skin disease and have more negative effects on the skin than their non-pedicured peers.’

It may be that spa practitioners who are less attentive to the quality of the skin treatment they offer are less likely to notice skin disease or skin issues, which may increase the risk of skin problems.’

So while you may not have noticed a lot of skin issues in the past, the skin issues you do have could mean you are at risk of developing skin diseases and skin conditions in the future.