Aussie doctor who revived the dead for the first time says he will soon have to be on the road again

AUSTRALIA’S first doctor to revive the dead has been honoured with a statue of his own.

Dr Chris Larkin was awarded the statue of the late Pauline and Alan Stranahan, the couple who died in 2008 after being trapped in a bathtub by the powerful acid they had taken from a crystal spa.

Dr Larkin, who had a medical practice in Brisbane’s east for 14 years, was among a group of doctors who resuscitated the couple in an acid bath, using the chemical to remove toxins from the body.

The pair had taken the drug salmeterol from a crystallised crystal spa at Crystal Spa Resort in Perth, Australia, where they were taking a test to see if they were ready to go back to life.

The Strananahs had been living in the bathroom when they were attacked by the crystal bath’s deadly force and were discovered hours later.

The couple’s body was found on the bathroom floor after a nurse who had been watching them reported the attack to police.

The incident prompted a coroner’s inquest and led to the establishment of the state-wide Crystal Bath Spa Trust.

The trust has since opened its doors to more than 70 families and their loved ones to try and revive their loved one.

“We just feel it’s time for us to do something like this,” Dr Larkin told ABC Radio Perth.

“When you’ve got these people, you’re dealing with a lot of physical and emotional damage that’s been done to them and there’s a lot to be done.”

I think the whole community needs to come together and be like ‘we can help’.

“Dr Larkins mother, Sue Stranagan, said she would be doing a lot more than just getting her son’s body back.”

He was a very caring, caring, loving man and I know that he would have wanted that for his family,” Ms Stranagon said.”

But I think it would have been really great for him to be able to get back into a life of normalcy.

“The thing that has stuck out to me the most is the people who have been there before us and those who have come before us, who have done it to the Stranans, have come back.”

Dr Larnins mum, who is not related to him, said the Stanans were one of the last people she would want to be like.

“They’re a big part of my life,” she said.”[They] are the only people who know my mum and I, who we were married to for 13 years.”

It would be wonderful to be back to being there, and being able to see them.

“The Stananases’ story sparked the ABC’s “Liveline” program which was broadcast in Australia on Friday.

The ABC interviewed Dr Larkin about the death of his mother.”

One thing that’s very difficult is, when you hear about somebody dying in a water-filled bath, the water starts to bubble,” Dr. Larkin said.

It was a “very uncomfortable experience”, he said, which he would never forget.”

Dr. Zarkos mother, who was also at the water-bath, said it was the most traumatic experience of her life.””

It was hard to keep going, and I had to be in a very deep trance to keep myself from losing consciousness.”

Dr. Zarkos mother, who was also at the water-bath, said it was the most traumatic experience of her life.

“There were a lot, a lot people in the water, and it was so bad,” she told the ABC.

“That’s what made me cry.”

Dr Zarkoc said she was devastated that her son had passed away.

“If you think about it, it’s not like they died, they were in a really scary situation,” she recalled.

“What if it was a stranger, and they died?”

The Stans’ story has inspired people around the world to come forward to donate blood to those in need.