New Jersey’s new tourism agency will serve as a clearinghouse for New Jersey tourism, and it’s hiring…

New Jersey will be one of a few states with a tourism agency that is opening its doors for the first time. 

The New Jersey Department of Tourism and Economic Development will open the agency in January 2019 and serve as the clearinghouse of New Jersey tourist attractions. 

We’re excited to join the state’s growing tourism industry, and we want to provide the tools to connect visitors to New Jersey. 

I’m excited to bring on Tom McRae, the former CEO of the New Jersey Tourism Infrastructure Corp., to join our team as a senior consultant.

Tom was instrumental in creating the first-ever Tourism Infrastructure Board, which was responsible for overseeing the creation and operation of the state-owned tourism and entertainment commission.

He also served as New Jersey�s Tourism and Entertainment Commissioner from 2009 to 2016.

Tom is the founder of Tourism Infrastructure, which operates the state�s tourism infrastructure and manages the state tourism agencies.

Tom served as director of the Tourism Infrastructure board from 2006 to 2015.

Since leaving the board in 2015, Tom has served as senior director for Tourism Infrastructure.

He�s also an adjunct professor at the Rutgers-Newark School of Policy and Government, and a research associate at the Center for New American Security.

He is a former member of the advisory boards of the American Legion and the New York City Council of Business Leaders. 

New Jersey�t done this before.

I am so proud to be joining the new New Jersey Office of Tourism, which will be dedicated to serving New Jerseyers and tourists and fostering a more vibrant tourism and recreation industry.

As a member of that group, I am committed to doing what is necessary to protect and preserve the economic viability of the tourism industry in New Jersey, including: protecting the state from outside threats; promoting and supporting state-wide tourism; and providing access to a wide variety of New York-based, New Jersey-based and international brands, attractions, venues, restaurants, music venues, and more.

We are excited to see the New Brunswick, NJ office open and bring on the expertise that Tom brings to the New Jerseyan Office of tourism.

We�ll be here to serve you and help you to experience New Jersey for the very first time and experience the state in all of its true glory.

Tom and I will be in New Brunswick this January, working on our next tourism and economic development plan.

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