Which companies have borrowed money to build a massive new hotel?

The story behind the image, below, shows a hotel being built on the edge of the city of Phnom Penh.

It’s called the Hotel Phnom Phet, and it’s a project funded by the Chinese government.

The construction is a big deal for Phnom Perp, the capital of Cambodia, which is still recovering from a devastating 2011 earthquake that killed at least 3,000 people and left millions homeless. 

The government wants to build an international hotel that will host visitors from the rest of Asia, as well as foreigners and expatriates who are looking to stay in Cambodia.

It’s not just the $10 billion in investment that’s making this project a big event.

“Phnom Penu is the capital, but this hotel is an international project,” said David Nguy, a former top executive at the Cambodian government.

“They want to attract tourists from China, the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and the international community wants to see this.”

The Chinese government has also provided a $2 billion loan to build the hotel.

Phnom Pheth was designed as a city in the middle of nowhere, so it’s not surprising that the government didn’t get the land to build it.

But it’s important to note that Phnom Poi has long been a hub for international travel, and a key destination for visitors to Cambodia.

In 2013, it hosted the first-ever International Air and Space Conference.

And as of this week, there are at least 14 major hotels already built in Phnom Peet.

But the new hotel is a major departure from the Phnom Pyi, a tourist-heavy district of Phpamphu that is one of the poorest in Cambodia, according to the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees.

Nguyen Spa is located in the heart of the district.

It is the biggest hotel in Phpampsak, the city in which it’s being built.

But the Phpamsak hotel has been around for over 100 years, and was first built in 1894.

Its location is in the city center, near the city’s main train station, and there are plenty of parking spaces in the street, according the hotel’s website. 

The hotel is part of a larger plan to modernize the area, with a new airport planned and a large shopping mall being built nearby.

The plan is also being promoted as a way to attract visitors from other countries.

This new hotel will likely help the Chinese tourists who want to visit the city more, said Nguy.

The city of about 8 million is one the poorest areas in the world, according a 2014 report from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

But this hotel will allow visitors to get to the city without having to pay a taxi or a hotel.

The Phnom Phong is the name given to the area that the hotel will be located in, Nguy said.

More from Recode:The project was also welcomed by some Cambodian opposition politicians, who have been calling for a hotel in the Phongsan district since 2010.

The opposition parties have complained that the construction is aimed at pushing Cambodian tourism overseas.

Critics say that it’s also seen as an attempt to curry favor with the Chinese, which could result in more foreign investments.

Some Cambodians are worried about the development’s impact on the local economy, which relies on tourism.

It could also be seen as a boost for the country’s growing middle class, which has been a key driver of growth in the country.

But even some of the most outspoken critics are calling for the hotel to be abandoned.

“I don’t think it’s good that Phpumsak hotel is being built, because it’s in a poor area,” said one of them, who didn’t want to be identified because he fears retaliation from the Chinese.

“I think it’ll help China.”

The Chinese government hasn’t said when it plans to start construction on the new Chinese-owned hotel.

But if construction begins this month, it will be the largest hotel in Cambodia since the country began constructing its own hotels.

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