Couples spa days to return to New Jersey

New Jersey, the place that made the world a little less boring, is finally getting back to the days of the spa days.

The state legislature passed a bill this week that would allow couples to have a spa day once every two years, and the New Jersey Health Department said it was now in the final stages of finalizing regulations and testing the new policy.

The bill passed the House of Representatives on Wednesday, and will now head to the Senate.

The bill will also go to Gov.

Chris Christie’s desk.

“New Jersey has a long history of providing health care services to couples in our state, including providing medical and dental care to those in need,” a spokeswoman for Christie said in a statement.

“We look forward to working with the New York Legislature to ensure this program continues to be successful.”

Christie has already said that he plans to sign the bill, although he hasn’t yet said when it will become law.

He is expected to sign it sometime later this month.

The governor has previously said that the state is “looking forward to the day when we can have a day of healing and relaxation for our families and our New Jerseyans.”

He also said that if his bill passes, he would personally sign it.

A couple’s spa day would be just one of many health-care initiatives the state has taken in the past two years.

New Jersey has also enacted a law that allows couples to use private homes to practice acupuncture, and it passed a law allowing employers to hire and fire their workers on a basis of how much time they spend in the workplace.

Other health-related initiatives have included the implementation of new waiting lists for patients with pre-existing conditions, and a program that allows people to receive up to six months of free contraception, but that’s still months behind the U.S. standard.