How to find a float spa in Phoenix

DALLAS — There’s no shortage of places for people to unwind after a long day of partying, but there’s also no shortage to float in the sun.

That’s where the Phoenix-area Float Spa is going.

Located at the top of an elevated plaza in downtown Phoenix, the floating spa offers a few perks, such as a pool and a pool table.

There’s also a full-service bar with TVs, a rooftop bar and plenty of indoor and outdoor seating.

The Arizona Cardinals and the Arizona Diamondbacks have both been known to use the float spa to entertain their fans.

The NFL has even held a series of games there in recent years.

But that’s not all the Diamondbacks do at the floating pool, where they’ve used the sun to perform and promote a charity event, including the Arizona Wildcats football camp, and a charity golf tournament for the charity.

“I think it was pretty cool,” said Diamondbacks head coach Todd Bowles.

“It was a cool opportunity to get the fans together.

It’s a good way to get their attention.”

It’s a great way to bring some sun to your fan base and get some fans to come out and watch a game.

“That’s because the Diamonds have a pool party going this year.

Fans can watch the team practice, practice games, practice in the indoor pool and even go out on the courts and the basketball court.

It’ll be an event the Diamondheads have been wanting to do for a long time.

But that’s just the beginning.

The Arizona Diamonds will also hold a float day this weekend, from 3 to 5 p.m. and the day after that.

So it’ll be the perfect time to do something fun for your fans to enjoy while you’re away.”

You know, the more sun that comes through, the better the atmosphere, the nicer it is for us to have a great float day, and we’re trying to keep it as authentic as possible,” Bowles said.