Woman ‘raped by her own boyfriend’

A former massage parlour worker was convicted of raping a woman in a “nightmare scenario” that left her with permanent scars, court documents have revealed. 

She was sentenced to life in prison in January.

The woman told police she met the man in a spa in Melbourne in July 2013 and asked him to help her remove her tattoo of the Queen of England.

She had the tattoo removed in August, but he had not done it for more than a year.

He allegedly assaulted her, and she told police he was drunk.

In November, the woman went to the police about the incident, but said she did not remember much about the night.

She was unable to give an accurate description of what happened, and was not able to identify the man.

The court heard the woman had a broken nose, bruising on her arms and legs and a fractured skull.

The man was sentenced in January to life behind bars.

“This is a nightmare scenario,” Justice James Kelly told the woman in the Melbourne Magistrates Court.

“She is now a victim of an assault by someone she trusted.”

“This was a horrendous crime.

The victim suffered significant trauma.”

He said she had been “very lucky” that the man was caught and sentenced to less than the death penalty.

The trial heard the man had been arrested the previous week on unrelated charges and was awaiting trial on the same charges.

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