New nail spa opens in Brighton, UK

New nail salon has opened in Brighton to cater for customers looking to rejuvenate their nails with a more natural, spa-like experience.

The boutique, called the Oasis Spa, opened in August 2018 and has a salon-style service that includes massage, massages and pedicures.

The spa, which is open on Sundays, is owned by owner Shira Houghton.

The salon has a large selection of natural products and was inspired by the Oceanside salon in LA, which was also recently renovated.

The owners also have a passion for beauty products and are known for their natural products.

Customers are expected to bring their own manicures and pedics, with manicurists offering a range of styles, from simple, natural manicures to more elaborate products.

The location is also open to customers with special dietary needs.

 It’s unclear what exactly Houghtons vision is for the salon, but the owner says that it’s a place for people to reconnect with their natural beauty.

The owner said, “I think that it is a place that is about connecting with your natural beauty and your natural self, and that we want to help people reconnect with that.”

While Houghts own salon is new, it’s not the first to offer natural products at a spa.

In the US, beauty brand Oasis recently opened a salon in the Los Angeles suburb of Palmdale.

Oasis spa owner, Stephanie DeLaurente, explained that the salon was inspired after the Oceania Spa in Hollywood, which opened in 2011 and became a local icon.

DeLaurennte said that Oasis is also a spa that’s “a little bit more upscale, with a spa vibe and a little bit less expensive, and we want people to feel comfortable in their own skin, to feel a little more comfortable with their skin, and to be a little less intimidated and to embrace the natural world.”