How Leonardo’s spa headband helped rejuvenate the eyes

At the start of his tenure as President Donald Trump’s ambassador to Italy, Leonardo DiCaprio wore a headband with his own logo and photo on it.

Now, the actor and longtime friend of the president is sharing a story about how the product helped rejuvenated his eyesight and a message about the importance of health in modern life.

“I think this is the first time we’ve really looked at what it is that people are actually looking for,” DiCaprios said in an interview with Italian television channel RAI.

“We know that people with glasses, people with macular degeneration, and we’re talking about people with chronic diseases and aging.

We know that, of course, there’s also the issue of skin.

So it’s really important to look for those ingredients in the skin.”

DiCaprio was in Milan for the 50th anniversary of his father, a prominent businessman and philanthropist, who died in 2017.

The Italian president is on a six-day trip to Milan and Florence, and the actor also visited the Vatican.

The former model is now a major investor in Leonardo’s brand.

The star wore a black Leonardo’s headband to his first press conference as Trump’s envoy, in June, as part of his efforts to raise awareness about the health issues that affect so many people around the world.

He’s also worn a black DiCaprisa in recent years, which was created to symbolize his Italian roots.

After receiving a diagnosis of retinitis pigmentosa, which causes vision loss and affects about 1 in every 20,000 people, DiCapre’s father died in 2013, and he began a quest to find a cure.

The singer was inspired by a report that the same disease causes people to lose their sight, and DiCapres hope was to find something that could help others in his quest.

He decided to try the company’s headbands, which are made of high-tech material and can be easily customized for each wearer.

DiCaprias father, who was diagnosed in 2004, said he never wore his own headband before.

His daughter, Maria, who is a celebrity stylist and stylist to the president, has become an ambassador for the company, and her husband, Mario, has also been an ambassador.

The couple said their business, the DiCapricos Group, is based in Italy, but they are based in the United States.

The company has a website and Instagram page that showcase its products and offers advice on how to wear them.

For a few years, DiCarlo said, the brand was the only option for him.

The products are not without risks.

For example, the products can cause eye irritation if they’re worn in the dark, and some people develop redness and irritation if the wearer does not take care of their skin.

It is also a concern for DiCapros to wear the headbands on a daily basis for more than a week, so he has to keep them covered at all times.

DiCaprizas family has also learned to take care when using them.

He said he has learned to avoid contact lenses, and has taken some anti-inflammatory medications.

The product has also come under criticism from some lawmakers in the U.S. DiCarlios has said that the headband is not a “replacement for a proper eyeglass.”