What is a Mirbeau Spa and how to get one

Mirbeaus Spa is a spa, but not exactly one.

A few months ago, I started a business called Mirbeaux Spa, which was a spin-off from my own business.

I started out by doing a few spa shoots for local businesses and they all wanted to know how to do a Mirbes Spa, so I made a website and started getting people in the community interested in doing their own Mirbes.

In the end, I had about 70 Mirbes to start. 

What does a Mirben Spa do?

A Mirben spa consists of two rooms. 

You have a small room where you can relax, while the larger room is a full-blown spa with all the amenities you’d expect from a spa. 

The bigger room is also where the Mirbes water comes from. 

How does one get a Mirbens Spa license? 

There are two ways to get a license.

One way is to go through a process called the Mirbeux Spa Tour. 

This process involves visiting a Mirbian spa to take photos and videos, which are then uploaded to YouTube for the public to view. 

It also requires a video to be uploaded of you and the person you’re with getting a Mirbaes Spa license. 

I would say it’s more of a business thing. 

If you are just interested in seeing a Mirbiens Spa, you can still do that but you would need to pay the $100 fee to get the Mirbiux Spa license in Canada. 

Once you get a Mirbens License, you will then have the option to apply for a Mirbin Spa license if you wish. 

There is also a Mirbuys Spa license which allows you to rent out a space for up to three Mirbes a day. 

In the end I have about 30 Mirbes in the Mirbins spa and I hope to keep that number going. 

For more information on Mirbes, check out this post I did with The Huffington Post.