East Wind spa in Kolkata: A Korean spa with a Korean name

Kolkatta: A former coal-mining town, the East Wind spa has been home to some of the finest Korean spa facilities in the city.

A few months ago, Kolkatans had a good reason to come here to visit the spa.

The spa was under construction.

Kolkat has a thriving spa industry, with more than 400 private and state-run Korean spa operators and an estimated 20,000 visitors a year.

 In the past five years, the city’s population has grown from 1.6 lakh to 3.6 crore.

The Kolkatan Times spoke to the owners of the spa and its director, who, along with the spa’s director, was present during the launch.

We’ve been operating in Kogarah, one of the largest cities in the country.

We’ve had about 400 visitors a day in the past few months.

The number has been growing.

We were a small company in 2012 and we started to see growth.

It has now grown to about 3,000 people.

This is a spa, so there is a certain focus on quality.

The spa has a full-service kitchen and a full bar, as well as a spa-like atmosphere, with a large TV and a cinema.

They have an indoor pool, but the outdoor pool is very limited, due to a shortage of water.

The owner of the Kogharas spa said it was a big success story.

It was a very important decision to open in Kollam, an area that has an extremely high concentration of coal mines.

It is one of those places that has a very low density of coal miners.

The spa is being built on land that was acquired from the state government in 2003 for the construction of the new Kolkathapuram road.

The land was purchased for a whopping Rs 1,800 crore.

The development had been delayed, but with the new road, the land can be used for the project.

After the construction began, Kogaras had a population of over 5,000.

But its expansion has taken off in the last five years.

Kogaraas spa has now reached about 3.5 lakh.

It offers more than 300 treatments.

We had some of our own people come and visit us.

The clientele is very diverse.

We have a mix of people who come in for the treatment, who come to see the spa, and also a couple of people from outside the city who come and do our treatments.