What is the Ballston Spa?

It may sound like an oxymoron, but the Ballton Spa is a new concept in the United Kingdom.

Ballston, which stands for ‘Ballston Spa’ is a luxury spa resort situated in the heart of the British capital.

The spa’s name translates to ‘The Green’ and it’s a reflection of the city’s green nature.

The Spa has a number of different amenities that include an indoor and outdoor pool, a sauna, steam room and a spa treatment room.

The Spa is also home to the Ballners Club, which offers a range of social events, including a barbeque, a night out and a music festival.

Ballners, the group that runs the spa, has launched an event called ‘The Ballston Show’ to coincide with the launch of the new spa.

It will feature live music and food.

Here’s a list of the Spa’s perks: 1,300-square-foot sauna