The day’s best spa experiences at Ballston Spa

Posted June 04, 2018 09:14:42The day’s most popular spa experiences for Australians will be featured in a special edition of the ABC’s Oasis Day Spa article Ballston, in Melbourne’s inner west, is home to the world’s largest indoor waterpark and the largest indoor swimming pool in Australia.

Oasis Day spa, located at the corner of Ballston and Brunswick Streets, opened in June 2018 and is the largest waterpark in the world with a capacity of nearly 70,000 people.

The indoor water park, which boasts a pool and an aquatics centre, features a number of water sports including pool volleyball, water polo, snooker, water slides and water aerobics.

Oasies, who are famous for their unique style, have a reputation for being an intimate place and guests can enjoy a number a signature cocktails.OAsies has been named a “World’s Best Spa” by the Wall Street Journal and has also been named one of the Top 100 Water Sports in Australia by The Sydney Morning Herald.

This year, the Ballston Springwater Project, which has been created by the Ballstone Springs Waterpark Association, is also offering the Ballstan Spa Day Spa special edition to its fans.

It is expected that Oasis day Spa will be the most popular of the day’s spa experiences and will be available for purchase in the Ballstons Springwater Park and on-site at the spa.

It will be an exciting opportunity for the public to come together and enjoy one of Australia’s most iconic spa experiences.OASies will be located in the spa’s main bar, offering a wide range of refreshments, from traditional water and lemonade to fresh lemonade and wine.

Ours is a unique experience.

Our spa is the only spa in Australia with an on-screen bar, and the water is pumped through a specially designed pump.

It was created by our own team, including three young oasies who are also ophthalmic specialists and who are passionate about the spa experience.

They have been very enthusiastic about the concept.

The bar is open from 7am until 6pm and will offer the Oasis water in addition to the classic Oasis drinks.

It is expected to be full for most of the afternoon and evening, and will remain closed on Sunday, June 8, with a final closing on Tuesday, June 10.

If you are not in Australia on June 8 and you are looking for the best Spa experience, the OASies Australia Day Spa will also be available in Sydney and Brisbane on June 10, and in Melbourne on June 14.

If not in the country, please call our Ballston Springs Water Park on 1300 555 868 to book a visit for yourself or your family.

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