How to do a spa cleanser for a day spa castle queens

I have a friend who is a spa castle queen.

She’s one of those people who is not only a natural beauty, but also a good spa and a great clientele.

She is also very loyal to her spa and takes care of her spa so she can do what she wants.

But that is not always the case.

One day she decided she needed to get her spa clean.

I met her in the parking lot of the spa and asked if she needed any help.

“No, I need my spa cleaned,” she said.

My first thought was, ‘Well, maybe she is just using a different brand of shampoo or something.’

But I was surprised when she said she needed a cleanse.

I asked her what brand and she said the spa shampoo.

So I said, ‘You know, that is pretty strong.

What brand are you using?’

She said the Spa brand.

I said I need a clean.

She said, I will have a spa cleaned.

“After the spa cleansed, I said to her, ‘How are you going to do it?’

And she said, “I am going to try the Spa Castle Queen cleanser.”

So I bought her a bottle of the Spa shampoo and after she applied the soap, she said it felt good on her skin.

I was like, ‘Really?’

She added, ‘It feels like you have the Spa on your skin and you just feel it.’

I said ‘Really.’

So she just put it on.

It was good.

I think it felt nice.

Then, I asked what kind of conditioner she wanted to use.

After she applied it to her face, she felt it.

She put it in her hair and it did not leave her hair dry or limp.

She was like ‘Wow!

I have been missing out on a clean feeling!’

I asked her about her spa experience.

She told me she was surprised how good it was.

And she did have some problems with the smell of the shampoo.

I told her that there is no need to worry about that.

But she also said, I did not get that feeling that was from the shampoo, it was just from the soap.

I also asked her if there was any smell on her hands and she replied that she does not smell any soap.

As she started to clean herself up and was getting ready to leave, I told my friend, ‘I have to go get a shampoo and a soap, so we can get this done.’

And so I headed out of the house.

That is when I was just amazed.

The next morning I woke up with an awesome clean feeling on my face.

A week later, she came in for a visit and said, “Hey, I just finished my cleanse and I am so happy.

I thought I would just have my spa cleans at home, but I really needed a little extra help.

“So she took me out and I had a shower and a scrub and I was so happy to see the results.

She even took me to the bathroom to wash her face.

I had so many compliments on how beautiful my face looked.

What do you think of this Spa Castle queen experience?

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