How to nail a ‘perfect’ gold nail in five easy steps

Spa-goers can add gold nail polish to their nails with this step-by-step guide, according to a report in The Times Of India.

According to the report, the technique involves using a “polished metal nail that is about an inch long and about the size of a pencil”. 

The tip of the nail is pushed into the nail, which is then gently pulled back into place.

The nail polish is applied with a flat brush, before being dabbed onto the nail to keep the polish from sticking to the nail and to prevent it from getting caught on the nailbed.

In the video, the owner of the spa described the technique as “beautiful” and said it helped the nails look longer.

He also explained that “the polish sticks to the skin, and that’s why we have it”.

According to the spa, the nail polish works on a “natural process” and that it does not damage the nail.

It also added that it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the nail looks natural and that the owner “always takes care of the nails”.

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