How to buy a Las Vegas spa for £9,800 (and pay less)

You can buy a spa in Las Vegas for just £9.6 million ($16 million).

And there are lots of ways to do so.

The most common way is to rent the building, which means the cost of renting is only around £3,800 a day, compared to £7,000 for a private home.

A private home has a bigger pool, a private bathroom and private bathrooms.

You can also rent out the building and do the renovations yourself.

Las Vegas’ spa owners also have the option of letting you use the facility.

The cost varies, but the most expensive of the options is to hire the building as a hotel, which is around £1.8 million ($3.2 million).

The average rent for a hotel room in Las Vegas is £1,250 ($2,300) per night.

You might also be able to rent out part of the building or get a private bath, depending on the size of the room.

Las Vegans can also use the building to perform other functions, like weddings and corporate events.

There’s also a small spa on the ground floor, which has a spa treatment and spa shower for £4,200 ($7,600).

And you can also buy a large tub, which costs £2,800 ($3,600), or a separate spa treatment for £1 (€1.40) per treatment, depending if it’s for a male or female.

If you can find the space, you can have a private shower, but it’s best to bring your own towels and/or a towel dispenser.