When Apple’s spa at Apple’s Palo Alto campus goes offline, there’s a solution: Apple’s Köhler Spa

Apple has decided to take its spa at its Palo Alto, California, campus offline.

The spa, located on the Apple campus near the Apple Store, was set to be a major addition to Apple’s campus and was supposed to offer an innovative way for its employees to relax.

The Apple Store and its surrounding areas, however, have become increasingly crowded in recent years due to construction of Apple’s new campus and a major renovation project that was completed in 2015.

While Apple did not comment on the closure of the spa, the company did tell employees to stay away from Apple’s surrounding area, according to a statement to Engadge.

“If you are traveling to Palo Alto or Apple, please be aware that Apple’s adjacent area is closed to the public and is closed for the duration of the remodel,” the statement reads.

“Please stay away if you plan to be in the area as it is being renovated.”

Apple’s spa will be shut down for a “limited time” during the remodeling project, according the statement.

Apple does not say when the spa will reopen.

Apple is a popular destination for many Apple fans and employees.

The company’s new headquarters has been built on the site of Apple Park, the home of the San Francisco Giants baseball team.

Apple Park, as well as Apple’s headquarters, are located in Cupertino, California.

Apple’s Cupertinos flagship store, which is just across the street from Apple, is also located on Apple Park.

Apple has more than 3 million employees in the Cupertines area, but it has not said how many employees will be impacted by the remodels.