How to get a diamond nail spa?

This is a guest post by Sandeep Bhaskar, a PhD student in the Department of Psychology at the University of Oxford, who has been writing on nail salons and how they work since 2012.

I was looking for a nail salon in Bangalore that would cater to women looking for their perfect, natural, and natural-looking nail polish, when I stumbled upon the website of Rock Barn Spa, a salon located in the western Indian city of Meena. 

Rock Barn Spa was the only nail salon that was open 24 hours and also offered a free nail salon appointment with the customer.

“The idea behind Rock Barn was to have a space for women to go to and have a good time and have an aesthetic nail salon, which we did,” said Sandeem, who is a graduate student in Psychology. 

“It’s all about being a spa and having a spa environment where women can feel comfortable and comfortable in their own skin and be able to relax and be free.” 

RockBarn Spa is located on the main drag of the central business district of Meenakshi in Meena, about 25km from Bangalore. 

The place was first opened in 2011. 

According to the website, RockBarn Spa offers manicure, pedicure, body piercing, pedis and nail art, as well as other nail products. 

I went to RockBarn Salon on my way to the beach to meet up with my family. 

There was a wait for the manicure appointment but it was quick, taking about five minutes to be there, so I was happy. 

Sandeep shared a photo of himself at the salon that I took, which shows the salon in a very natural setting. 

 “I wanted to do a good job of wearing a manicure because I’m a manicurist and I want people to look at my nails as a compliment,” Sandeam said. 

While RockBarn is one of the first nail salon in India, it has its roots in a different kind of spa, called “nail salon in the home” or NITHNAH (Nail Salon in the Home of Women and Girls). 

“The name NITHEKA is not in reference to the nails, but to the Nails of Women,” Sandem explained. 

In the early days of nail salON the women who were in the salon could be quite loud and they were trying to impress the customers by making a fuss over their nails. 

It was then that a lot of women started to go for the NITHAHNAHS. 

Today, Rock Barn spa has a different atmosphere and the women have been very supportive of each other and are able to work together in a relaxed atmosphere. 

This is why RockBarn salon is able to cater to both women and men. 

At the salon, I saw a lot more women with natural hair than men, and I also met women who had their nails done by their sisters and aunts. 

When I asked Sandeems what kind of women she saw in the nail salon and why she felt that it was necessary to be a woman in the business, Sandeeman said that she felt this is the way to go. 

As women are getting more and more educated and the number of women in the workforce is rising, Rock Barnett Spa is the perfect place for women looking to get in touch with their natural hair and nail polish. 

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