How to turn your old iPhone into a selfie stick – or at least a selfie-like accessory

When you think of the selfie stick, what comes to mind?

The answer could be a picture of your selfie stick sticking out from your phone’s back cover.

But what if you had an iPhone and you want to make it your own?

How to turn it into a self-portrait selfie stick?

Or, as the pros call it, a selfie photo stick.

A selfie photo-stick is basically just a selfie camera attached to your phone that lets you take selfies.

It’s a very simple way to take a selfie and you can easily add some stickers or other accessories to it.

To do so, you’ll need an iPhone with iOS 11, a camera and an accessory.

For this tutorial, we’re going to be using an iPhone 5, an iPhone 6 Plus, and an iPhone 7 Plus.

We’ll be using the new Camera app, which allows you to take photos and video in the foreground or background, and the camera app, the same app you can use to take pictures and video on your iPad.

We’ll also be using a selfie phone as our camera.

Here’s how you’ll make your own selfie photo selfie stick:1.

Find your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Step 1.

Connect your phone to the wall with a Lightning cable.

Step 2.

Go to Settings > General > Camera > iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus.

Step 3.

Under Photos, tap the camera icon in the top-right corner.

Step 4.

Select the Camera app and tap the shutter button.

Step 5.

Tap the camera button again.

Step 6.

In the camera preview, tap Create a new photo.

Step 7.

You should now have a new selfie photo photo.2.

Add your stickers to your selfie photo Step 8.

Tap Add to your photo.3.

You can now add your stickers.

We’re going with stickers, so we’re adding stickers to our selfie photo.

To add stickers, go to Settings and tap General > Stickers.

Step 1, tap Add to photo.

The sticker will now be added to the selfie photo, which you can then delete.

Step 10.

You’ll have a list of the stickers you’ve added.4.

Add them to the phone’s front and back coverStep 11.

Make sure you’ve got your phone connected to the internet.

Step 12.

Now tap Settings > Wireless and then tap Advanced.

Step 13.

On the Wireless Network tab, you can choose the phone you want your selfie photos to appear on.

Step 14.

Now check the box for “Use Bluetooth 4.0” to enable Bluetooth 4 to the iPhone and the iPad.

Step 15.

Now make sure your selfies are turned on.

The selfie photo should look like this when it’s ready to take.

Step 16.

Now go to the camera, and select the shutter icon.

Step 17.

When the shutter is open, tap to take the selfie.

Step 18.

Once you’ve taken a selfie, you should see the sticker on your selfie picture.

Step 19.

Now you can edit your selfie selfie photo on the camera.

Step 20.

You could do this step by step, but for the sake of this tutorial we’re just going to do it by hand.

Step 21.

Tap Edit.

You should now be able to change the colors of the sticker.

Step 22.

You will also need to enable the app in your Camera app to make the selfie photos and videos you’re about to make.

To do this, go back to Settings.

Tap Camera.

Step 23.

In Settings, tap General.

Step 24.

Select Stickers, and then select the sticker you want.

Step 25.

In Camera, select the Camera icon and tap on the add button.

Your selfies are now ready to go.

Step 26.

Take your selfie with the iPhone, and you should get a screen like this.