How to spend your free time while in Palm Springs, CA

Palm Springs is an exciting place to visit, but it can be a bit overwhelming for newbies and veterans alike.

Palm Springs has a wide variety of places to go, including one-stop shopping, live entertainment, and outdoor pools.

Whether you’re looking for a spa, a massage or simply a relaxing day at the beach, there’s something to do to get you in the mood.

Here are 10 ways to spend a free day in Palm Desert.

Palm Desert, CA Palm Springs Palm Springs’ downtown area is a bit of a walk, but you’ll definitely find something to enjoy.

There are a number of options to enjoy the city, but here are some of our favorite places to visit: Palm Springs Water Park, Palm Springs Resort & Spa, and the Palm Springs Hotel & Resort offer many different options for beach and pool rentals, and you can also get a free pool ride.

Beach rental rates start at $25 per day, and if you book a room for less than $10, you can get in free.

The Palm Springs City Park and the PCHM Beachfront Park are both located on the main beach, so you can go inside the water for a swim or have a day of fun in the sun.

If you’re into swimming, Palm Beach City Park offers a free swimming pool, while the PPHM BeachFront Park offers free sunbathing and kayaking.

For more ideas, check out our free guide to Palm Springs.

What to do in Palm Beach The City Park & PCHS offers a great mix of activities.

From fishing to horseback riding, there are lots of options for kids to get their fitness fix.

The park has lots of playgrounds, a large swimming pool and a few outdoor pools for people to chill out in.

Palm Beach’s newest playground is located at the new Water Park at the Pachuca Aquatic Center, where children can have fun playing with the latest in technology.

There’s also a variety of sports to keep your kids busy.

For example, the new PCHT Grandstand at the City Park features a video screen and an arcade where you can play video games and take your children to the park.

Palm Lakes Palm Lakes has the best surf in the world.

If it’s summer, you’re sure to find something that’s perfect for you to spend an evening enjoying the sun and the waves.

There is a beach on Lake Worth, which is just off the beaten path, and it’s also home to the PLS Beach Club, where you and your friends can enjoy a full day of outdoor activities.

The resort has plenty of great activities to keep you in your beach gear, and for a relaxing beach, check into the Palm Lakes Lodge.

The Lodge offers a variety in the way you can spend your time, and we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorites.

Beach rentals at the Palm Woods Resort &amp. Spa