Former NFL player says he’ll not be returning to a ‘posh’ spa after the controversy

Former Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys running back Trent Richardson is returning to his hometown of New Hampshire for a spa that he says is “not for the faggots.”

Richardson said he and his wife are going to visit a spa in Manchester, New Hampshire, to “rehabilitate” themselves after the public backlash following a video that surfaced that appeared to show him performing a sex act with a woman at a hotel pool.

The video showed Richardson posing with the woman, who was dressed in a bikini and carrying her infant child in a sling, before rubbing his genitals on her face.

The clip was widely shared on social media and was later deleted.

The incident led to protests at the resort, which Richardson owns.

The former running back, who retired from the NFL in 2013, said he decided to return to New Hampshire to “treat myself” and get some “space out of it.”

He has yet to respond to a request for comment from ESPN.

Richardsen said he has decided to move back to the state after the video was released and has not spoken to anyone from the resort about what happened.

The former running backs agent, Joe Schad, told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the video shows Richardson was trying to “put himself in a situation that could be taken advantage of.”

Richardson was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct on July 17 and pleaded guilty to the offense to a judge.

He was fined $5,000 and given a $100 fine, court records show.

Richson, who has two children from a previous relationship, is a former NFL running back who played for the Eagles, Cowboys and Patriots.

He has two grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, according to his website.ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported in August that Richardson has had a relationship with a former Playboy model in the past.

The model, who asked to remain anonymous, told ESPN she had an affair with Richardson in 2016.

Richard is the latest celebrity to make waves in recent days after the release of a video from an exclusive interview with President Donald Trump in which the President was shown discussing his alleged “grab them by the pussy” comments.

The tape, which was initially shared by TMZ, prompted an outpouring of condemnation and anger from both sides of the political spectrum.