Las Vegas casino says it has a security plan for leonardas spa


— Leonardos spa has taken steps to improve security in its Las Vegas casinos following reports of an outbreak of salmonella infections in the area.

The resort said Thursday that the health department has closed down the spa and that all visitors will be rerouted to the Health and Fitness Center and will be directed to the health and fitness center’s food court for further information.

The resort said that the resort will also be limiting the number of people who can enter the facility each day to about 10 people.

The health department said Thursday night that the spa had a “significant number of confirmed cases” from July through September.

Leonardo Spa, located at the entrance to the Strip, said it notified the health departments of those cases, and it also notified state health authorities.

Leons spa did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment.

The Las Vegas Sun reports that health officials are investigating what happened at Leonards spa.

The Sun also reports that the owners of the Leonardi Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, which is owned by the spa, have been cooperative with health authorities, which have been investigating the incident.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.