Revive the Med Spa and Harmony Spa in Sojo

Revive Med Spa in Tokyo is taking a different approach to reviving its aging clientele.

The spa is now offering a full range of spa treatments and services, including skin rejuvenation treatments.

The service is free for anyone.

The rejuvenation treatment will last from 10 minutes to one hour, depending on the severity of the skin condition, the length of time the patient has had to recover and the type of skin you are having.

The rejuvenation service will be available on July 10.

A number of other services will be added over the next few months.

The aim is to ensure that the people who visit the spa stay for a long time.

Revive has the support of the Japanese government.

In October, it was approved for a $1 billion (around US$1.7 billion) investment by the government of Japan.

The Japanese government wants to invest in the industry in order to boost the countrys economic growth.

It is also hoping that the business will boost its exports.

The company will be operating a total of 16 facilities, which will cost about US$400 million (around 1.7 trillion yen) each, according to the Japan Times.

It will also be producing and selling spa treatments in Japan and overseas.

In Japan, there are currently around 2,500 massage therapists.

There are also some 200 massage therapists in the United States, according the American Bar Association.

There is also a small group of massage therapists who specialize in treating children.

In addition to its traditional Japanese medicine spa, Revive offers a range of skin care treatments.

For instance, a recent spa treatment called “Shave” will restore the skin of the face and neck by massaging the affected area.

It also includes a treatment that aims to remove excess oil, which can cause irritation.

The treatment includes a hot bath that will cause skin to dry up, a scrub and lotion, and even a moisturizer.

The spa will also offer “Mock Skin” to improve skin tone and tone correction, according a press release.

In addition to the treatments, the spa will be offering massage therapy to those with wrinkles.

A treatment called the “Smile” will help people relax their facial muscles, while a facial scrub will remove excess makeup and wrinkles.

For a spa to thrive, it needs to attract visitors from all over the world, so the company is looking to expand its customer base in Asia.

The new spa will serve the entire country.

A spokesman for Revive said the company has been operating in Japan for nearly 20 years.

It’s unclear whether Revive is targeting a specific type of patient or a wider audience, but the company’s marketing materials say the new services are aimed at those who have had a long history of skin problems, and the products will be designed to help restore their natural health.

The company has launched a website and a social media site, as well.

The new spa in Tokyo will be the first of its kind in Japan, and it will have the largest client base outside of Japan, according with the Times.