‘Mysterious’ natural body spa offers ‘miraculous’ treatments

Natural body spa owner Lisa Van Serten says her salon in New York City is a place where customers can be themselves without any artificial ingredients.

The spa, called “The Natural Body Spa,” opened last year in the Upper West Side neighborhood of Manhattan and boasts a private bath, massage rooms, a chiropractor and a fitness center.

It offers an array of treatments, including massages, body scrubs, facial lifts, deep body work, and natural body jewelry treatments, according to the spa’s website.

Van Sertens daughter, Tessa, told ABC News that her mom’s clinic is open for anyone to come in and take care of themselves.

“She’s really good at what she does and really caring,” Tessa said.

“[She] makes people feel good about themselves and what they are feeling.

She’s very accepting.”

Tessa said her mom treats her clients like family.

She told ABC affiliate WABC that her mother’s clients have been “very, very accepting” of their treatments.

When asked about her own experiences at the spa, Tressa Van Sorten said her mother is a “giant” in the spa business.

Tressa said that her clients can go for as long as they want.

Her mother has said she has no interest in working as a doctor.

“I love being a body-positive advocate, and I’ve been really fortunate to have people come to my salon to be healed,” Van Sartens said.

“My salon is open to everyone, and it’s really just me, my husband and myself.”

Lisa Van Srtens said she does not plan to expand the salon.

In a statement to ABC News, a spokeswoman for The Natural Body Spas told ABC that the spa does not offer any “therapy or other treatments” and does not use any chemicals.

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