LA Fitness is hiring for new ‘San Diego Pizza Bar’

LA Fitness has announced that it is hiring an assistant to help build a new “San Diego pizza bar” at its facilities in San Diego and Los Angeles.

The company is also looking for a video editor and a social media director, according to the news site.LA Fitness is currently building its first facility in San Marcos, California, which is scheduled to open next year.

The San Diego restaurant will be located at the new “LAS Pizza Bar,” according to LA Fitness, which has a franchise agreement with the company.

The Los Angeles location is currently in the process of remodeling, LA Fitness said in a news release.

The new bar will include a full-service pizza bar, pizza ovens and other equipment.

LA Fitness’ San Diego facility will also be equipped with a large kitchen and bar.

Los Angeles Fitness, a chain of fitness centers, opened its first Los Angeles-area location in 2007.