How to make spa castle in your garage

Make your own spa castle at home in your backyard, the way your grandfather did.

It’s called a “snowball” and is perfect for anyone who wants to create a little something special for themselves.

You’ll need some materials: a piece of plywood, some plastic, a little bit of wood, and a little paint.

But it’s pretty easy.

Step one: Find some leftover pieces of plyboard.

Step two: Put some wood chips in each corner of the plywood.

Step three: Cut out the shape of your snowball using the leftover pieces.

Step four: Put the pieces back together using the same wood chips.

You can see in the photo above that I just added a few layers of plastic on top of the snowball.

You can also use your old car parts or a scrap wood for the plastic.

Just remember to trim off the excess plastic and then use that to make a more solid snowball instead of using the pieces you used to make the original.

Step five: Fill your snowballs with paint, and make a snowfield!

Step six: Make your snowfield and enjoy your spa castle!