Golden spa, oasis nail salon to open in Orlando

A Las Vegas-based oasis spa will open its doors in Orlando in the coming months. 

Oasis is based in Las Vegas and opened its doors to the public last year, according to its website. 

“We are honored to announce that we are open in the beautiful and diverse world of Las Vegas for the first time,” Oasis CEO and Founder, Laura Boggio, said in a press release. 

The oasis is located on Las Vegas Boulevard in Orlando, and will serve as a destination for the local community, including families with children, as well as professionals. 

Boggio said that the oasis will focus on beauty, spa treatment and community outreach. 

There will be a full-service spa, spa bar, catering, and an indoor and outdoor pool. 

She added that the owners are working with local community leaders to bring this concept to Orlando, but added that it is not a luxury hotel. 

We are proud to be opening a new Oasis in Orlando.

We are honored that the community will be able to come to our oasis, and welcome families with young children, with our professional staff, and enjoy the outdoor pool and spa, and that we will offer the community an opportunity to come in and get a free manicure and pedicure,” Boggia said.

Oasis Spa is a private practice that focuses on creating the best possible environment for the treatment and spa needs of its clients, including providing an environment where all of the spa care and personal care are tailored to meet their needs. 

In addition to its oasis in Las, the company has been opening its doors for a number of other events including its annual Beauty and Salon Expo, the International Beauty & Spa Expo, and its annual Winter Holiday Parade. 

This is a unique opportunity for Oasis to expand its service to the entire Las Vegas community, and we are thrilled to be a part of this historic community,” said Boggioso. 

To learn more about Oasis, click here.

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