When the spa’s back in style

Posted March 04, 2019 08:07:42At the spa, a glass of water sits on a bench and a small collection of hand-painted rose petals hangs from the ceiling.

The spa’s name translates as “rose spa” and it’s located at the corner of Front and Sherbourne Streets in the city’s Little Italy neighbourhood.

It’s the latest addition to the growing collection of spa headbands that have sprouted up across the city in recent years.

It’s also one of the first in Toronto to be fully self-contained and run by the owners themselves.

For years, the spa was owned by the same family as the spa in the small, leafy neighbourhood.

But last month, the owners sold the business and put it on the market for $10,000.

They’ve been struggling to find an operator to take over.

And now, the business is getting a new lease on life.

“I had the opportunity to do the business here before and it was a great experience.

The staff, the customers were great, the environment was great, it was really well-loved,” said owner Yvonne Lebel.”

We have the ability to do something different.”

Lebel’s daughter and the owner of the spa were the first to join the group who were interested in taking on the business.

The two are now part of the new owners.

The group of about 30 people has taken on a full-time job, which includes cleaning the spa and cleaning up after the owners.

It also manages a small catering business.

The owner, who has not been named, says the experience has been great.

“The customers are amazing and the staff is great.

They are really caring,” she said.

The owners hope to reopen in two years and they are open to anyone who would like to work at the spa.

“This is a small business.

We need to take care of the people who come to us.

We don’t have the money to put on a bigger operation, so this is the way we’re going to do it,” Lebel said.

The spa will still be open during the day, but only in a couple of hours.

The business has been a family affair for many years.

The Lebel family has owned the spa for years, and they moved to the neighbourhood with their three children when they were young.

“My mother is an expert spa technician, and she has been the spa owner since the day she opened it,” said Lebel’s mother, Barbara.

“She was very proud of the way the spa worked, and I always tell my children to take the kids to the spa every day,” she added.

Barbara and Yvonnne Lebels both say the spa has always been a good experience for the community, and that the new owner has taken the opportunity now to bring a whole new look to the business.””

It is the new beginning, we have all the skills and we can really make it great,” she concluded.