How to get a ‘buzzy’ massage

A Japanese massage spa has been rated the best foot massage spa in Australia, with a customer review of the spa praising its “buzz” factor.

Key points:Owner of Korean spa, Shigetaka, says his “busts” and “spas” are “fascinating”The review from a Korean client was positive, and the spa now has five customersShigetakas staff have also said the experience of being at his “sparks” was “fantastic”.

“I think it is quite unique, it is unique because we have such a unique and exciting atmosphere,” Shigetsa said.

“I don’t know what to call it, it just feels so good to get my foot in the massage chair and feel my feet and feel them touch.”

Shigetsaka opened in July last year with his wife and three young children in a small two-storey shop on the corner of Parnell and Victoria Streets in Southbank.

“We have got a lot of foot massage and massages going on in our business right now,” he said.

Shigettsa said the massage area was a “big part of our culture”.

“We use the word ‘bust’ in the business.

We have been doing this for 10 years, it has been a tradition for us,” he explained.”

There are so many different kinds of massage and they all have their different styles and tastes.”

The foot massage, it’s all about having fun, it comes down to having a good time.

It’s a bit of fun.

“Shigeru Shigitsa has had five clients in his “korean massage spa” since opening in JulyThis month, he and his wife, Yuta, opened their second shop, Shigenashi Spa, in the same location.”

This is our third store, so we’ve been working on this space since the beginning, and we hope to open our third one soon,” Mr Shigittas said.

The couple said they were thrilled with the customer reviews and the quality of service.”

It was really a fun experience to work in there, we’ve had five people come in already and we are happy with the way it went,” Mr Yuta said.

Shigero Shigitita said he and Yuta decided to open their first “sportive massage” in January.””

I like to think that I can make a lot more people happy,” he laughed.

Shigero Shigitita said he and Yuta decided to open their first “sportive massage” in January.

“A lot of people think it’s only for men, it can’t be for women,” Mr Chihyo said.

He said the service at his korean massage centre was “very different”.

“It’s more like a spa, it makes you feel very good, but we have our hands in our body.”

“Our customer service is great.

Our staff is very helpful, they are friendly and helpful,” he added.

The Shigettas are proud of their customers.

“They are very respectful of us, very professional,” Mr Shibittas wife Yuta told the ABC.

“When you are going into a massage shop, it feels like you are in a different place, you’re in a new space.”

“People come in and they’re just happy to have a massage,” Mr Ishimaki said.

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