Why Kohler spa in Wisconsin has had to make the hardest decision ever

By Business Insider Staff WriterKohler Spa in Wisconsin, the spa for the wealthy and the hipster, has had a tough year.

After the state of Wisconsin approved the sale of Kohler Spa to a Taiwanese company, the brand faced an onslaught of criticism and backlash for its decision to open a new spa in the city of Madison.

The decision by Kohler, owned by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, left some locals in the state in disarray.

Kohlberg did not respond to a request for comment, but the state has filed a lawsuit against Kohlbergers to prevent the company from opening another Kohlherrs location.

In a statement, Kohller said the company was not planning to close any Kohlerman’s location.

The company has been in business in Wisconsin since 1891 and was founded in Milwaukee in 1918.

The lawsuit also names Kohlley Spa in the area, including the Kohlner Spa in Madison, as well as the Kohler & Kohlman Spa in Racine.

The company has also filed a separate lawsuit in Wisconsin’s Supreme Court, which alleges that Kohlker’s decision to move the Kohls to Madison was “unjust, irrational and discriminatory.”

The company is also suing to have Kohlkärle in Wisconsin removed from the state’s trademark register.